Crappy Bags

A great episode of Office Hours, where Dan Pink catches up with Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao on their virtual book tour for Scaling Up Excellence.

Bob Sutton:

People who knew Steve Jobs the best said that ...he understood how little things now had a big effect later on...One of my students told me that [Steve Jobs] fired her friend from the very first Apple Store, because she bought really cheap bags. [Jobs] got so pissed off because [he pictured] people walking out with the expensive purchases they just made a crappy bag. And if you go through Danny Kahneman's stuff, the way things end is a really important part of the experience. He saw the long-term costs of that, whereas most places ...just give you a crappy bag.

I believe Bob is referring to Kahneman's “peak–end rule”, where—rather than an average of the entire experience—people evaluate experiences by their memories of the most intense point and the end.

How many presentations, meetings, or even holidays do we end with "crappy bags"?